Daytona 675 For Sale

DSC_0011_CMy amazing black 2009/2010 Daytona 675 is up for sale. Why? Because this year has been mental at work and I just haven’t been able to get time off work to do any track days, and things aren’t likely to change for the foreseeable future.

If you’ve been following my blog, you’ll know how much time, money and effort I have spent upgrading my road going 675 into a track weapon. And you’ll know how carefully I look after the bike. In the past four years I’ve maintained the bike fastidously with the help of an ex-racer mechanic in London.

Below I’ve listed all the different things that have been upgraded on the bike during my time owning it:

Upgrades Cost
Fairing Race fairing; one piece upper and one piece lower with clear double bubble screen £400
(US$ 520)
Suspension K-Tech DDS35 Rear shock
K-Tech valves, springs and pistons in front
(US$ 1,850)
Clutch Daytona 2013 slipper clutch – super light action £500
(US$ 650)
Engine Oil cooler – replaced with air cooled version to avoid problems where they blow up at high revs £150
(US$ 200)
Exhaust Arrow slipon can with spare baffle £350
(US$ 450)
Protection Carbon fibre tank protectors
Engine/frame crash protection
(US$ 130)
£350 (US$ 500)
Drive 16/47 (+1/-2) ratio 520 chain conversion £180
(US$ 240)
Quick shifter Triumph road shift quick shifter £180
(US$ 240)
Frame Lock stop protector £40
(US$ 50)
Total £3,300
(US$ 4,300)

I’ve owned the bike for the past 4 years and I’ve loved every minute of riding it. It is completely street legal, has a UK V5 and current daytime MOT. It has done 9600 miles and the bike has never been raced and the engine and exhaust are both completely stock. It has loads of carbon fibre bits, an R&G number plate hanger, LED indicators and mirrors fitted to the race fairing which I remove when I use it at the track. The handling, suspension and brakes are amazing and you’ll be hard put to find a better second generation 675 that is already ready for the track.

In addition to the bike itself, I also have the following items which can be purchased for an extra cost if wanted:

Item Cost
Road Fairing Complete and pretty immaculate original fairing (lower and upper plus headlamp unit) which has been in storage for the past 3 years £400
Meta 357 Alarm Plug and play connection to bike. Thatcham 1 approved £250
Wets Set of extra wheels with discs fitted with Metzeler Wets £350

The bike is for sale at £6,200. For just £7,000 I’ll also include the three extras listed above which represents amazing value for money. This is a perfect bike for someone who wants to combine road and track riding, or just focus on track riding. No matter what your level of riding, you’ll love the beautiful handling, the howl from the exhaust and the train-like torque as you wind on the throttle to drive out of corners.

If you’re interested in buying it, please comment below and I will respond to you in private on the email address that you enter.


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