Cart-RYE_9669This blog is about documenting my learning experience riding motorcycles on track.

Although I’ve been riding motorbikes for over 20 years, I’ve never been a particularly quick or brave rider. But after doing a track day in the autumn of 2012, I was absolutely hooked.

People often ask me why I would do something that everyone else thinks is so dangerous. My answer is that a race track is the safest place to ride a motorcycle fast. You don’t have to contend with gravel or diesel in your path, drivers pulling out unexpectedly or deal with stationary hazards like trees and lamp posts.

DSC_6703I don’t ride on track to win races but I am enjoying the process of learning to ride faster on a race circuit. I think the payoff with track riding has been a general improvement in my road riding. The sad truth is that I cannot even utilize the full potential of my motorcycle on track – it’s just so much better than I am. The chassis, brakes, tyres and engine are amazing and allow far higher corner speeds and late braking than I am prepared to try.

There’s a three dimensional thrill with riding motorcycles that you just don’t get in a car. Add the pressure of trying to expand your envelope of ability each time you get out on a circuit and you have the makings of a thrilling sport and hobby that will keep testing you as you go along. I normally have a low threshold for boredom, but track riding and the learning process of trying to go faster are so addictive than I’m still hooked after two years!

I work with lots of different technology each day, and I’ll be sharing my experiences with different devices and systems to see if they can help speed up my learning process and help me improve my riding more quickly.

Track days really are the most fun you can have with your clothes on!